Minimum Wiki

Titan Mode is a gamemode in Minimum.


Our premier game type! Titan Mode is an objective-focused mode that shares ideas and core 5v5 team mechanics with modern MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) games and combines them with the fast-paced legacy of arcade shooters like Unreal Tournament and Quake.

A Titan match is divided into 2 repeating stages:

  • Creep farming - each map has a number of creep nests that generate neutral enemies. These enemies drop Titan crystals when killed, and collecting them increases the power of your team’s Titan. During this stage players must balance the need to farm and collect creep crystals with the strategic advantage of killing enemy players and disrupting their ability to do the same. (Include screenshot of creep nest area.)
  • Titan escort -Titans respawn at the end of the creep farming phase. The relative strength of your Titan is based on the total crystals your team has collected over the course of the match. Titans with more crystals are significantly stronger and, as a result, defeat the enemy Titan much faster. This gives them more time to destroy defensive walls and, ultimately, breach the enemy base. (Include screenshot of Titan marching down lane.)

The ultimate goal of Titan Mode is to escort your team’s Titan from your base (where it spawns) all the way to the enemy’s base, where it will destroy their core. Titans have a set path that they follow automatically, and this path is blocked periodically by defensive walls that activate when an enemy Titan is near. These walls can only be damaged by Titans themselves, and so it’s important that you keep your Titan alive as long as possible to allow it to inflict maximum destruction in a single life.

Titans can be damaged by most sources of weapons fire but are most vulnerable to enemy Titan attacks and enemy defensive turrets. When escorting your Titan it’s important to do as much damage as you can to any attacking enemy Titan, defeat any enemy players trying to do the same to your Titan, and destroy any defensive or deployable turrets that are targeting your Titan. The more health your Titan has upon defeating the enemy Titan the more damage it will be able to do to defensive walls before finally being defeated itself!

Some weapons and armor increase your effectiveness at dealing damage to Titans. To achieve this extra damage against titans, these weapons typically sacrifice some portion of their damage against players or other important stats. Balancing the need for faster Titan destruction with the need for effective Titan defense (via killing players) is crucial in any well-rounded team composition. Leveled-up weapons are significantly more effective against Titans and the level 5 Inferno Katana and Bullet Hell are particularly well suited to dishing out massive Titan damage!