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In Minimum, collecting materials and crafting new items is crucial to your long-term success as a player, and schematics are the key to this system.


Unlike blueprints, which are used to craft items that only exist for the duration of a match, schematics allow you to craft durable items that stay with you forever.

Creating a new item requires that the following conditions be met:

  • You have unlocked the schematic that contains the design for the item you want
  • You have acquired enough raw material (blocks) to forge into the item
  • You have acquired enough components (polyhedrons) to finalize the item

The materials required to craft using schematics are acquired by finishing games of Titan or Deathmatch mode. They are awarded at the end of the match and are independent of the materials used for crafting from blueprints within a match. The reasons for this are twofold: first, we want to make sure that there are no conflicting incentives for players while in a match. Materials collected in a match are for use exclusively within a match, and there is no reason to horde them to the detriment of your team. Second, we want to encourage players to stay and fight until the very end of a match – everyone likes a well fought, complete experience!

If you have met all 3 of these conditions, you’re ready to create a new item! The types of items you can craft using schematics fall into 3 classes.



The meat and potatoes of every good shooter! Schematics allow you to craft variations on the core set of weapons, each with their own unique role and place in Minimum. Some weapons are simple stat tradeoffs, like more damage against Titans (at the expense of less damage against players), while others make significant modifications to a weapon’s behavior.


Mods that you can create and then slot into your weapons and devices. Upgrades allow you to customize the stats and behavior of your weapons to better suit a particular purpose or play style. Wish the Cryo Sniper fired a little faster? Add a fire rate mod to your existing weapon! Wish you had another version that hit harder? Craft a new one using your schematic and then add a damage mod!


Secondary utility items like grenades and turrets, these can have a wide variety of functions.

Schematic Functions[]

Schematics allow you to craft as many copies of a given item as you have the materials to create. Why would you want to make more than one Cryo Sniper or Plasma Launcher, you ask? There are two primary reasons!

The first reason is the Upgrade System. Mods can be added to most weapons to increase various attributes, some of which are generic (like damage or accuracy) and some of which are specific to particular classes of weapons (like area radius or projectile speed). Depending on the situation you find yourself in or the team you find yourself on, you might want a Bullet Hell that is more effective against high-health opponents or one that is better at farming creeps. Perhaps you need a Plasma Launcher with a faster projectile to deal with a team building a lot of speed enhancing armor, or one that does better area damage against a team that clumps together while defending their Titan.

You can craft as many copies of your weapons as you like and then modify them to suit different game situations or player preferences. The choice is yours!

The second reason to craft more than one copy of an item is the chance of maximization. Maximized items are higher-quality versions of the normal item with improved stats and (occasionally) unique features or stats not found at all on normal variants. Each schematic has a defined likelihood of producing a maximized version of the item it creates, and players can increase their odds of getting a maximized result by using additional (optional) crafting materials.

Once you have created a new item from a schematic it is yours forever – all items crafted via schematics are permanent and persistent unless you decide you want to get rid of them. You can then add them to your load-outs and take them into matches as often or as rarely as you like!