Homing Plasma Launcher

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Launches an explosive plasma bolt of fury that can be redirected towards enemies.
Homing Plasma Launcher1.png

PRIMARY FIRE:Launches a plasma bolt that delivers explosive damage to any enemies caught within the blast.
SECONDARY:Allows for a single redirection of the plasma bolt to target enemy players.
POWERUP 2:Adds a second plasma bolt because one is never enough.
POWERUP 3:Adds an intermittent pulsing damage effect as the plasma bolts pass near enemies.
POWERUP 4:Adds a third plasma bolt to deliver an extra helping of explosive damage.
POWERUP 5:Increased firing rate will have the enemy hating the color purple.
Stats Damage
Clip Size 4 Level 1 (x1) Level 2 (x2) Level 3 (x2) Level 4 (x3) Level 5 (x3)
Reload Time1500 ms Direct Hit75 Direct Hit40 Direct Hit40 Direct Hit35 Direct Hit40
Rate of Fire 0.67 /s Indirect Hit10 Indirect Hit10 Indirect Hit10 Indirect Hit15 Indirect Hit15
Accuracy 1 ExtraN/A ExtraN/A Extra30 Extra10 Extra30