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Below is the official FAQ from the Minimum site.


What is a Minimum account and why do I need one?

Although we use your Steam ID for achievements, authentication and payments, we also have persistent features that Steam doesn’t support. Things like your account’s experience points, level, the items in your inventory and other features require our own custom backend to support.

For the most part, once you create your Minimum account you’ll rarely need to think about it again – almost everything is handled via your Steam account.

What is the nature of the Minimum universe?

The backstory of the Minimum world, how it came to be and why it looks the way it does will be revealed slowly over time. Rest assured that the style of Minimum is more than just an aesthetic choice!

Can I rebind my controls?

Of course. As a PC-focused title we provide all the control customization you would expect.

How can I contact support?

When will Minimum be released?

Minimum will be released first on Steam Early Access very soon! Stay tuned to this site for more information or join our mailing list to be the first to know!

What are the minimum system requirements?

We’re still determining the precise Minimum (ha!) system requirements, but you’ll need at least Windows 7 or higher. Anything that runs typical Unreal Engine 3 games should be sufficient.

Will Minimum be Steam Workshop compatible?

Although it won’t be ready for the beginning of Early Access, adding full Steam Workshop and Steam Marketplace support to Minimum is one of our primary goals.

Does Minimum support user created maps?

Once we add general Steam Workshop support we’ll be looking at ways to bring user created maps as well. So, not at the start of Early Access but hopefully by the time we’re ready for our full launch!

What the heck are creeps?

If you’ve played anything from the MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) genre you’re already familiar. For those who haven’t, creeps are neutral entities that regularly spawn during Titan Mode. Each map has different locations to find creeps as well as different varieties.

Killing creeps (also called farming) is essential to success in Titan Mode. When killed, creeps drop valuable titan crystals that can be collected to empower and enhance your team’s Titan.

What is a loadout?

A loadout is simply a pre-determined set of weapons, devices and other gear. You can create your own customized loadouts between matches and then select from them while respawning in a match.

What are schematics?

Schematics are a key component of Minimum’s crafting system. In order to craft new durable items like weapons and devices you must first acquire the necessary schematic. Once you have a schematic, you may craft as many copies of the item it creates as you like, provided that you have enough raw materials to do so.

Unlike blueprints, crafting using schematics takes place outside of matches and the items you create using them are permanent.

What are blueprints?

Blueprints are items that allow you to craft powerful armor, structures and other items inside Minimum matches. Each blueprint creates a unique item with different strengths, weaknesses and capabilities that allow you to customize your strategies.

For Early Access we’ll have armor blueprints implemented and we plan to add support for structures and other classes of blueprint prior to full launch.

Can I pilot the Titans?

In the world of Minimum, Titans are fully-autonomous AI constructs. As such, you cannot typically control them.

How many weapons will be available at the start of Early Access?

Although we’re still tweaking and adjusting things as we approach our Early Access date, right now we’re planning to have about 18 different weapons available when we go live on Steam. More weapons will be released over the course of Early Access, as well as systems to upgrade and customize weapons you’ve crafted.

Is this a voxel based game?

No. Although our art style shares some similarities with other minimalist voxel games, Minimum is actually a team-oriented, multiplayer third-person shooter.

Do you have a forum?

Once we go live on Steam Early Access we will provide the standard Steam community features including forums.

Can I stream the game during Early Access?

Of course! In fact, we actively encourage anyone who’s interested to stream Minimum on Twitch, Youtube, Azubu or any other service you’d like. We’ll even be streaming the game ourselves!

Can I record gameplay for YouTube?

Yep! You are welcome to record and post any footage you like during (and after) we go live on Early Access.

Is there an NDA during Early Access?

Absolutely not. We don’t believe in restricting information, and you are welcome to blog, tweet, record or do anything else you like with footage of Minimum.

Where can I download Minimum?

Once Minimum is available for Early Access you’ll be able to purchase it via the Steam store.

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