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An accurate and devastating sniper rifle that powers up into shooting explosive frost rounds that temporarily slow enemies - those that survive the first shot, that is.
Cryo Sniper1.png

PRIMARY FIRE:Fires a powerful sniper round capable of taking an enemy's head clean off.
SECONDARY:Zooms in and allows for more precise elimination of distant enemies.
POWERUP 2:Adds an explosive effect that damages any enemy near the impact zone.
POWERUP 3:The impact blast radius now adds frost that temporarily slows affected enemies.
POWERUP 4:Increases the blast radius.
POWERUP 5:Increased rate of fire.
Stats Damage
Clip Size 5 Level 1 (x1) Level 2 (x1) Level 3 (x1) Level 4 (x1) Level 5 (x1)
Reload Time1500 ms Direct Hit70 Direct Hit75 Direct Hit80 Direct Hit85 Direct Hit85
Rate of Fire 0.67 /s Indirect Hit Indirect Hit Indirect Hit Indirect Hit Indirect Hit
Accuracy 0.91 ExtraN/A ExtraN/A ExtraN/A ExtraN/A ExtraN/A