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In Minimum, Creeps are neutral entities that can be found in particular areas of each Titan Mode map during the creep phase of the match.


Though small in stature and incapable of damaging players, they play a crucial role in the flow of a Titan match by dropping titan crystals when killed. Collecting a large number of titan crystals will significantly increase the power of your team’s Titan and is one of the primary factors in carrying your team to victory.

Each map has a unique visual appearance for its basic creeps, although they are all functionally the same. In addition, some maps have special creeps that will appear periodically and grant extra power or unusual bonuses to the team that manages to secure them. Be sure to watch for these powerful creeps and react accordingly!

Cave Spiders[]

Subterranean creeps that feed on the crystals that grow underground. These can be found in the Desert Canyon map, quietly snacking on crystal growths and defending their nesting grounds.

Spider Matron[]

The queen of the cave spiders! This unique creep can be identified by her distinctive golden color and faster than normal movement speed. Golden spiders drop a more powerful titan crystal, and catching them will require coordination among your team to capture!

Robot Overseer[]

The head caretaker! This unique creep can be identified by its distinctive golden color and higher than normal movement speed. Stronger and more nimble than the normal caretakers, this guy will take the coordination of your team to catch before the enemy team gets to him first! He drops a more powerful titan crystal.

Robot Caretakers[]

These little guys can be found in the Titan Factory map. Filled with valuable energy, they scuttle around charging machines and tools and generally taking care of the titan factory.