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Like many things, weapons behave a little differently in Minimum. In addition to their core set of features and stats, every weapon has the ability to level up over the course of a given life.


Every time a player is killed they drop a power-up that can be collected. Each power-up grants you energy toward leveling up your weapon, and the more powerful a player is the more energy the power-ups they drop contain! Collecting power-ups will level up your weapon in 5 stages, each more powerful and effective than the last. Some weapons gain new fire patterns or capabilities when leveling up, while others gain big bonuses to core stats like damage or fire rate. All of them look increasingly menacing and every weapon is a force to be feared at level 5!

Be careful though: being killed resets the power level of all your weapons to level 1! A level 5 weapon in your hands is both a ticket to combat success and a major liability to be protected.

Weapons can be created by acquiring schematics and then using blocks and polyhedrons to craft them. Every weapon has a unique set of strengths and weaknesses

Speedy Shotgun[]

Main article: Speedy Shotgun

What’s better than a shotgun? How about a lightweight shotgun that lets you run faster to better get into the face of your enemy! The Speedy Shotgun fires a spread of projectiles that are devastating at close range and gives you an increased run and sprint speed to help you get there. In addition, the secondary ability allows you to leap high into the air to reach new locations or simply surprise your enemy as you rain death from above!

  • Primary Ability: fires a potent but short range spread of projectiles.
  • Secondary Ability: a super jump.

Plasma Launcher[]

Main article: Plasma Launcher

Launches an explosive plasma bolt of fury that powers up into multiple plasma bolts guaranteed to leave no trace of an enemy behind (beyond their power up and material drops, that is!). Even cooler, the Plasma Launcher allows you a single opportunity to redirect your ordinance while in flight. Bend your shots around corners, fire them high into the sky and then bring them raining down on the heads of your enemies or simply showcase your skills by placing your shot directly in the face of your opponent!

  • Primary Ability: fires a cluster of devastating plasma bolts with light area damage.
  • Secondary Ability: redirects in-flight plasma bolts to the current position of your crosshairs.

Cryo Sniper[]

Main article: Cryo Sniper

An accurate and devastating sniper rifle that powers up to fire explosive frost rounds that temporarily slow enemies – those that survive the first shot, that is! Perfect for players who prefer to engage their enemies from a distance while supporting their teammates on the front lines. Perfecting this weapon requires patience and precision, but those who do strike fear into the enemy team!

  • Primary Ability: a powerful and accurate sniper round.
  • Secondary Ability: a zoom scope that increases accuracy over long distances.

Inferno Katana[]

Main article: Inferno Katana

What starts as a single blade of death powers up into two flaming katana that slice, dice, and barbeque unfortunate enemies. The Inferno Katana is ideal for players who want to get up close and personal with their enemies, dealing massive damage at close range but requiring speed and stealth to close in and get the drop on your enemies. When all else fails the Inferno Katana includes a gap closing dash to surprise and dismay your opponents!

  • Primary Ability: a devastating close-range melee attack.
  • Secondary Ability: a directional dash.

Bullet Hell[]

Main article: Bullet Hell

A battle-tested machine gun that powers up into a spread rifle capable of mowing down multiple enemies caught in its path of execution. The Bullet Hell specializes in one thing: carving a wide swath of destruction across the battlefield. Each power level of the Bullet Hell adds additional streams of projectiles that allow you to sweep areas clear of creeps, hit entire teams at range, or close to dangerous distances to put all your projectiles into a critical (but large!) target like the enemy

  • Primary Ability: a continuous spread of projectiles.
  • Secondary Ability: a single burst of more accurate projectiles.


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