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Spread bullets into their faces - spread bullets into their hearts[]

A battle-tested, fully automatic machine gun that powers up with multiple barrels to become an astonishing spread rifle, what else is there that you need?
Capable of mowing down multiple enemies caught in its path of execution, this gun shoots faster as it powers up too.
The special ability behind these badboys is a simple burst fire, good for finishing off a fleeing enemy.
Rumour has it that the Pickup Hell even gives you extra loot when killing anything...
The rifles specialize in just one thing: carving a wide swath of destruction across the battlefield.
Each time a rifle is powered up it adds additional streams of projectiles, eventually maxing out at a five barrelled machine of death. This allows you to sweep areas clear of creeps, hit entire teams at the same time, or get up close to a target and end them by sending all your projectiles into them.

He who has a rifle stops for no army.

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