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Cutting with fire; HAS SCIENCE GONE TOO FAR?[]

What starts as a single blade of death powers up into two glowing katanas that slice, dice, and barbeque unfortunate enemies.
Katanas are ideal for players who want to get up close and personal with their enemies, dealing massive damage at close range but requiring speed and stealth to close in and get the element of surprise.
Not only do they look awesome when you get a bunch of power ups, but your katana(s) get special effects, too! While slashing, you unleash a wave of damage, (or maybe even heal yourself) damaging enemies in a small radius around you, leaving nothing but death (and powerups!) in your wake.
When all else fails, the katanas enable you to do a gap closing dash to surprise and dismay your opponents!
Or maybe two swords isn't your thing? Maybe you don't want to dash forward?
Have no fear, there's a katana for you!
The Giant Killer is a single blade that gives you more damage against Titans, and the Ninja Jump Katana enables you to leap with new-found vigour.

Equip a katana today... Equip a katana forever

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