Minimum Wiki
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Everyone wants to feel powerful, and in Minimum the best way to add power over the course of a match is to craft new items and enhancements via blueprints.


Unlike schematics, which are used to create durable items that stay with you forever, blueprints are used to craft items that only exist for the duration of a match.

In order to create a new item in-match you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Unlocked the blueprint that contains the design of the item you want
  • Collect enough of the necessary fragments in-match
  • Collect enough necessary shards in-match

The materials for creating blueprint items can be collected by achieving most objectives in Titan Mode: killing enemies, destroying devices, defeating Titans, destroying walls, farming creeps, etc. All objectives grant some number of fragments while the most critical objectives (player kills, creeps and Titans) also grant a smaller number of shards.

Most blueprint items require a large number of fragments and a smaller number of shards. The higher the tier rating or more powerful the item is – particularly upgrades of existing items – the more shards are required to craft it.


There are many different items you can create using blueprints, and they fall into 3 categories.


The most versatile and player-focused of the blueprint items. Players can craft armor in any of 3 available slots: head, torso and legs. Each set of armor focuses on a different area of stats and abilities, and players are free to mix and match armor from different sets to suit their purposes. Most armor also has at least one (1) upgrade available once you have crafted the base item.


These are location-specific items that focus on team enhancements. Want access to a mini-map for better team coordination? Craft a radar station! Want to spawn with higher health or with pre-leveled up weapons? Craft enhancement stations! Unlike armor or deployables, structures can be crafted cooperatively and all team members can add materials to help complete them.


These are like structures, but instead of fixed locations they can be placed (almost) anywhere on the map. Create creep traps that automatically kill creeps and harvest titan crystals, or place shields near the front lines to protect your teammates while you assault the enemy base.


The type of armor, structure or deployable you want to craft will vary depending on the role you’re playing on your team, the particular strategy you’re pursuing as well as the state of the match and the enemy team. You can think of armor in particular as similar to purchasing items in a MOBA (Multi-player Online Battle Arena) game like League of Legends.

You can decide to focus on a particular set of armor or structures that suit your favorite play-style, or you can focus on collecting all the different blueprints to give you maximum flexibility on the battlefield. Whatever your preference there’s bound to be a blueprint that suits your needs!